DOINGS ON 10/23/2000

Photos by Lion Don Wood

Lion Paul congratulates Lion Fred on receiving an award for bringing in new members.  Wouldn't you worry that those two faces would drive away new members?
Lion Ed looks awfully smug as he makes his "Flight Firsts" presentation.  What do you suppose he's hiding behind that podium?  Actually, those two are always smiling.  Wonder what they're plotting now?
Lion Curttright took this picture on his recent honeymoon to Jamaica.  There really are Lions Clubs everywhere. But, why are the Kiwanis and Rotary clubs listed above the Lions Club?  Must be saving the best for last.  By the way, for more information on Jamaica click here:  Steve's Jamaica Project
Lion Curttright at another of Jamaica's Lions Clubs.  Are there any words or descriptions necessary here?

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