Photos by Lion Don Wood
Here is Tail Twister Lion Ed Stachovic holding the tools of his trade:  the "fine" horn and the Lion bank.  Notice the gleeful but mischievous smile as he plots his next squelch.  Always stay on his good side or you'll wind up feeding the "kitty!"

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Don't stop here!  See below for more of Lion Ed and his antics...er...activities.

Lion Engineer Ed decided to try his hand at airplane design.  There are no words to describe some of the things that he does.  Do these pictures tell the story?


Now, these hats were all made by Lion Ed.  As you know, he was an engineer in another life.  His college profs would be so proud!!  And, doesn't the dunce cap look good on Lion Dick?  do you suppose Lion Ed is gettting even for Dick's comments when Lion Ed was mayor?

Lion Paul Shinkle looks stunned at Tail-Twister Ed's latest use for used toilet paper rolls: silent wind chimes!  You've hit bottom with this one, Lion Ed, but you were on a roll for awhile.
Here is our tail Twister at work, holding...hmmmmm.  Do you suppose that he is getting ready for his annual physical exam?

Lion Bob Cavin proudly displays his addition to the "Mayor's Memo" that has been embellished by our members.  It looks like Lion Bob has done the best work so far.  Can you top this?

Photo by Don Wood 11/27/00
Lion Ed shows what he thinks a "chad" should look like.  If they would have been that big in Florida, the recounts would have taken even longer.  How long did you want the election to go on, Lion Ed?
Here's Lion Ed holding court.  Why is nobody paying attention to him?  Maybe because he was talking about the election?
On the left is Lion Jim Taylor and on the right, Lion Dave Deaver.  They are proudly displaying their ties.  Question:  which Lion purchased his own tie and which was received as a gift?  By the way, isn't that a nice picture of their chins?

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